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Hrm, seeing both DB pool exhaustion and race conditions in the sidekiq logs, that’s ... super

I might swap my shields for a much lighter shield, add even more cargo capacity, and do even more space trucking. The Clipper holds a fair amount of cargo, after all.

But first: Bigger powerplant and bigger FSD.

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I fired Elite back up for the first time since June, tootled around at combat for a bit, then got eddb's trade loop up and made a cool 20Mm being a space trucker.

Overall goal: Get a couple hundred Mm so I can afford to fully kit my Imperial Clipper for deep space exploration, and start going out into the black.

my new long-range exploration ship in Elite: Dangerous is going to be named "Addicted to the Sadness"

well, while I'm in here doing administration stuff, might set up the upgrade to v3.3

ah yes, 42k cached media files to be deleted

I really need to set that up as an automated task

Doing some light background administration on this system this morning. Things shouldn't go down but performance may be impacted.

naming my next combat ship in Elite Dangerous "Some Unforeseen Delays"

Hello friends, the AU and NZ travelling open source conference starts tomorrow, online!

Tix still available! Keynotes by Adafruit and Cory Doctorow!

Happy Friday! It's a lovely day out there, isn't it?

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