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Me, yesterday: I'm well enough to go back to doing work stuff!

Me, today: ugh I'm just going to go sleep forever

Listening to the GRIS soundtrack because it's amazing

me, back on my bullshit of improving my Panic Nova Terraform extension

Today in computer: having to re-add music to Apple Music because it decided the existing music didn't exist

how many fountain pens is enough fountain pens? asking for a me

been so mentally fucked that I've not done anything work-like in the last 3 months

and now

trying to remember what the actual fuck I even do

Apple TV on PS4 makes Apple TV actually useful

@PetraOleum I haven't forgotten about your Sengi request btw

Far Cry 4 Thoughts:

- This certainly is an Ubisoft Open World Game
- It's very much like Far Cry 3, and not in the good way
- I'm not sure what I expected here but I think I received it

How did I think Scott Pilgrim wasn’t super cringe

Great work, everyone, we're clear. 2021 is looking good so far.

My NYE plans are: staying in, playing video games, sleeping

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