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mental health 

The struggle to do anything, to reach that place in my head where the knowledge and skills are

Or where the words live

Everything is so distant and ... and ... it feels so impossible

Decided on checking out some gardens this afternoon.

Okay this weekend’s objective is to play a lot of Destiny 2 and to fix the damn Sidekiq problem more permanently

I’m at an art gallery right now and there is a performance called “Trebuchet”.

And it’s a trebuchet being fired at a wall.

As you do.

One of the things about watching TV that has been consistent through perhaps my entire life is that when I put on the TV, there's not really anything on to watch.

Whereas with Netflix or YouTube, there's so much to watch that I fall into decision paralysis

Gonna check out the New Plymouth waterfront at sunset. Planning on going for a day walk out at Mt Taranaki tomorrow. Should be good stuff!

This is an extremely cheeky eclectus parrot that LANDED ON MY ARM.

(I shrieked)

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