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Updated the autoscaling group that backs Sidekiq for Cloud Island. Performance should be a bit smoother now.

the answer of which is "because it wants me to roll back to 18.04"

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it's also "why is Focal not playing nicely with the packer build"

Playing the exceptional Disco Elysium today

The specialist track day of is drawing to a close, and we've had major technical issues (which our wonderful AV team handled amazingly) in every stream EXCEPT DevOops. Which... that's not what was supposed to happen?!

Been 50% of running the DevOops track at , with @daedalus, and it's been great fun 😄

been playing a lot more Bloodborne lately, and, damn, the Chalice Dungeons are unsettling.

Seems like there's some fedi technical drama this morning

Looks like local read caches aren't invalidated

Nonlinear timelines strip us of social agency

Wellington: Why are you so cold and wet, I disapprove

Been doing a heck of a lot of introspection and trying to figure out a way out of my existential crisis

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