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Me: that internet rando replying to people on the fedi timeline

as you do

Fun fact: "The Net" starring Sandra Bullock was, at time of release, extremely eye-rolling-ly unrealistic

Watched today, it is horrifyingly prescient and largely accurate

hmm, I kinda want to be buff, but also, I hate exercising.

Having ADHD is not helping matters right now

I mean, it's never helping matters

but right now in particular it's not helping

food, coffee, extreme nerding 

So I was suddenly distracted by needing to know how much caffeine I'm drinking in my Aeropress brews.

and I found as a result of searching.

Which tells me I'm having about 130mg of caffeine per cup, or close to 300mg a day.

... that seems not great?

Gosh I love Cloud Island, and all of you all being here.

What I want is the ability to silence individual toots, since if someone is following that person I'd think they wanted to sign up for that. I don't necessarily want to delete the entire toot.

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Admin meta thoughts:

- Untagged uspol is really unpleasant to see on the fedi timeline, and really inapplicable on a NZ-focussed instance

- Deleting the toots feels like a lot of overkill maybe

- Silencing remote for posting lots of untagged uspol hurts discovery

- There doesn't appear to be a good middleground option

Deleting it seems overkill.

But I can't silence individual toots, only the user as a whole.

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I can open Twitter if I want to have unfettered uspol dragged across my timeline, I don't really want that here

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Starting to get a bit annoyed at the amount of untagged uspol on the fedi timeline

not entirely sure what to do about it

Woman looking at me: "Paying work?"
Me: *Looking over my shoulder*
Woman behind me: "Fun stuff."

One of the things I'd like to figure out about Cloud Island is why preview cards aren't getting immediately generated

So my employer has a new website at that folks who are interested in such things may find interesting.

I may be a good person to (unofficially) ask questions of about said website.

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