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Okay so the whole *gestures* world stuff has kind of seriously impacted my business and income.

If you know of anyone looking for the following:
- Designing cloud infrastructure
- Writing and updating Terraform around cloud infrastructure
- Solutions architecture, aka why are we building this way
- Building devops processes in teams

Could you put me in touch ? I'd really appreciate it!

Plz boost!

I wish Safari wasn't so slow in rendering Cloud Island or Twitter or whatever

I wish Edge was a bit more stable

As always super thrilled that you’re all here with me.

Did two pages of the bundle. Out of 59.

This may take some time to organise.


tbh they’re pretty illegal actually

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Doing mildly illegal things in Elite Dangerous in my swanky Imperial Clipper

as you do

Elite Dangerous status:

Got my Clipper, now what?

In case you missed it, Ruby New Zealand is doing $5000 community grants.

Does this sound like something that could be useful to you? You should check it out!

Also, please boost!

In my day job I help staff and students at Victoria University of Wellington get access to research publications and materials. If you need help or have questions, please reach out. I'm happy to help using informal as well as formal channels.


Good morning Cloud Island!

I’m feeling under the weather today (how do I keep catching colds during a pandemic?) so I’m going to be taking it easy today.

Hey, just published a great article on how I design and implement infrastructure, and how that shaped Cloud Island.

Check it out!

Mostly the sociological implications of, like, what is it to run a piece of a federated whole

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There's a lot of stuff about running an instance that wasn't in the handbook.

like I hope people call me out on this stuff first

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The gentle worry in the back of your head like "I hope I don't do something that gets my instance blocked."

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