@antifuchs so I'm looking at the console for Cloud Island and there's some cross-origin warnings and an error and I'm going "huh, I should really configure this stuff"

@antifuchs They're not serious errors, but, I'm like, hmmm

how do I deal with this stuff

I don't know how to interpret these issues OR resolve them

Saturday status: Reading about CSPs and cross-origin stuff

@tim @nonphatic No see we have to retain compatibility with *checks notes* 50 year old teletypes


@tim @nonphatic When memory is extremely limited, you make do

unfortunately, nothing ever gets erased and we don't have a lot of space to undo things we could do better now

@tim @nonphatic "trueness" as 0 has never made sense to me but computers

- 20g coffee
- medium grind
- 25s pour of 105g of water
- 20s stir
- 60s steep
- swirl, invert
- 20s press
- add 150g water

Aw yes coffee recipe and scales are putting in Results

Good morning Cloud Island! Happy Saturday!

I'm ten days in to Dry July! Last night was our big office party and celebration with an open bar with delicious craft beers.

I had lemon, lime and bitters. I'm happy to make the sacrifice but I do wish for more interesting alternatives!

I'm raising money for several New Zealand cancer charities, please support me and throw in a donation! It's to a damned good cause and I have 21 days to go!


so I wrote a module for Terraform which assembles an archive suitable for a Lambda-like runtime

and now

the features it relied on in Terraform 0.11 are deprecated

and it's not clear how to replicate in 0.12

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