an hour and a half for the media cleanup job

I really do need to automate this

me: oh yeah I need to run the image cleanup job
image cleanup job: 21k images to delete

@LogicalDash and now that I can put it into a homescreen widget, it's much easier to, like, keep myself reminded of its existence and my need to use it

Just added “Twitter” to a new category of behaviours called “doom” in my mood tracker

And a new class of worst emotion, “doomscroll”

Seems entirely likely that a silly sitcom could be done entirely in Animal Crossing New Horizons

@beegrrl you're welcome

it's taken quite a few years of therapy to get to where I am. Still a work in progress.

a) Brigading is a social problem. It uses social groups to organise against a person (or persons). While individual demagogues on a platform can be banned and prevented from making it easier to brigade, off-network organisation is still easy.

b) Disabling search makes it difficult to conduct ad-hoc brigading, by seeking out keywords or specific kinds of conversations

c) there doesn't seem to be a way to have both good search and brigading-resistance

@PetraOleum being outside in a pandemic: this does not spark joy

@squirreler @tveastman it's a problem for people who end up going viral, less so for established famous people.

If you have a couple hundred followers at most and you're just shitposting to your friends, you have none of the systems in place to weather that sort of co-ordinated, ongoing, tens-of-thousands-of-attackers onslaught when you accidentally go viral.

As a microfamous person, I have some of that already set up because I expect it to happen.

@PetraOleum Me, previously: I don't want to be on the bus because I dislike wearing my mask

Me, now: I don't want to be on the bus because I'd still wear a mask and lots of other people aren't not

@squirreler Blocking people on Twitter when you're actively under attack from a brigading campaign is like trying to drink the sea through a straw.

You end up needing a tool like @tveastman's Secateur to even begin to manage to blast radius.

"How discoverability barriers are a major hindrance to frictionless adoption of federated social media"

@squirreler And that assumes the instance has search enabled. Elasticsearch is a heavy piece of software to run.

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