@ibeardslee it's like learning an instrument is hard or something

Project Learn Guitar is progressing towards where it's fun to play

@fincham thanks so much for being a part of the community 🙂

Have hit a major (to me) milestone in that I can (inconsistently) hit 100% on a song on Rocksmith

Two announcements today

First: By popular demand Metabolist now has an #OpenCollective. Funds raised from it will be used to:

- Sustain the development of #Metatext and future software projects
- Support artists on the Fediverse by commissioning a new mascot for Metabolist each month
- Commission some nice assets and app icons
- Recover operation costs (hosting the push notification relay server, CrowdIn, etc)


@metabolist @jzzocc choice, I’ll get that sorted as soon as I’m back at my desk

@thegibson (you can never pass up a good "netcraft confirms" joke 😉 )

@jzzocc I want to support good projects that I use. As a person who writes software, I know the value of the time that goes into it.

@jzzocc yea but have you considered letting me give you like $100/mo to keep developing it 😉

Todo: watch party for Serial Experiments Lain

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