One day I’ll figure out how to do a zero-downtime Postgres upgrade

@aurynn speaking for me, I don't mind downtime, not when it's communicated and for a purpose

@aurynn yessss but it should be one of NZ's amazing weird birds

@betsybookworm you know I have key art for a mascot for this, I just haven't gotten around to ... using it ...

@aurynn it's important to never run out of things to do 😸

@betsybookworm @aurynn a Kea. They’ll steal anything shiny, like your database, or a pretty website 😃

@aurynn @betsybookworm a Kakapo is a good bird too. Less likely to steal your database while you’re not paying attention than a Kea though… 🤔

@aurynn from memory zero downtime PostgreSQL upgrades is basically “have two or more databases that replicate between them”, then upgrade replica and switch the primary.

If the database dump and reload takes less than several minutes I’d probably just schedule downtime TBH.

@ewenmcneill dump/reload won't take very long, I'll be doing that.

I don't think I need to engineer for a replicated database until we get significantly more userbase

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