So uh weird question, does anyone have any recommendations for TODO systems that are meant for use with plural systems?

okay so I've been told about a CLI TODO system called TDL

and I could hack up a `pyenv`/`rbenv`/whatever-alike to switch the shell context based on whoever is fronting

and have access to both a shared TODO and personal TODOs?

maybe only a personal TODO, I'm not sure if TDL will merge .tdldb files

@aurynn for what it's worth, TaskWarrior also allows separate contexts (eg for work and home) that could fit this use case. I suspect one of the big challenges (based on feedback from a friend) might be actually getting everyone in the system to *use* it...

@mattcen well, the two who are like "we need this" are generally motivated to use it

@mattcen but one is also like "I want attribution" so it's getting more complex

@aurynn is _not_ having [trivial] access to others' personal todos a priority?

@Lore It's not a huge technical priority, no. Everyone is willing to be polite and respect privacy, and the watcher is willing to enforce it if needed

@aurynn wei've had good results with using emacs-org, especially for repeating task management and variable-delay repetition. It's easy to keep separate todo files for everyone, and while wei haven't done it ourselves i would think it would be straightforward to use tags to make separated (or intersecting!) aggregate views.
it's a hell of an up front investment in figuring out using it though

@Lore someone else I know espouses the virtues of org-mode as well, I’ve not really used emacs though 😞.

Unrelated… the wei/muir first person pronouns are … very interesting to one of us, thank you

@aurynn yeah,, emacs really is my favorite operating system to use for text editing 😅 with a limited scope though learning the controls to do what you want in a specific task space is less overwhelming. still not none though :/

and wei're happy to have introduced wei/muis/muir to yall! 😁

features of emacs org for TODOs that i find valuable 

@aurynn just listing some

- purely local, text file based
- fully customizable todo states
- repeat tasks and events over any period of time, e.g. "the second monday after I completed it last" or "between ten and twenty days after I complete it last"
- Make as many separated lists as you want, easily collate them into one daily/weekly list view
- subtasks, progress counters
- custom tags anywhere
- thorough metadata logging (optional)
- Free

@aurynn I'm really enjoying Obsidian ATM. Its TODO plugin will do query views (so you can embed "tasks for X" in and have that as a pinnacle pane)

@aurynn for me, splitting into project-owned tasks (IE some url issue tracker) and daily Todo is manageable. Combining the lot sounds enormous to me. Maybe i should do less.

@xurizaemon @aurynn +1 for Obsidian.

I’m not using the TODO plugin, but Periodic Notes to create a file for each day from a Markdown template. The template has checkboxes for my regular daily tasks, and every morning I copy across the ongoing tasks from the previous day.

I do lots of context-switching in a typical day, so this mix of journaling and TODOs gives me a single place to keep track of the current context for each project, even if I haven’t worked on it for months.

@xurizaemon @aurynn My daily template has lots of easy checkboxes (e.g. ‘look at my calendar’, ‘check for code review requests’) to build some box-checking momentum every day.

Once a week I summarise my daily files into a weekly file, so I always have material for retro meetings and quarterly performance reviews.

Works for me for work stuff. I’ve never managed to maintain an equivalent system for my personal life.

@aurynn plural system like different computers ?
A web site liké a kanban board could do the trick ?

@aurynn so jira in kanban mode can do it (trello can do it toi)

@oldsysops there are requests for attribution, which is making it a bit trickier

@aurynn on jira (and i pretty sure trello) you have swimlane (a Line for each worker).
So attribution is not an issue.
(I use redmine at work, not the same visual but it do the trick toi)

@oldsysops I don't really want to have to have multiple logins in the todo system, it makes things ... messy

@aurynn so anyone can changé/delete todo task without trace...?
Sound messy for me.
I think i dont get your need right.

@oldsysops so, multiple named headmates, any one of them can front, and work on tasks in the queue. Multiple people, single body.

They want to be able to attribute tasks/notes/whatever to themselves.

But, not have to maintain multiple browser sessions or multiple email addresses in order to interact with the todo system.

@aurynn ok
The swimlane are not right closed. Everyone can see them and know what all have todo (and can pick task).
Anyway what WE do at work : if you see something wrong or have an idea for a feature, you create a ticket on the right project.
All mates have acces to all project (but some stay more focus on a particular project).
So they tackle down tickets as they want.

WE do have a weekly meeting to tell everyone on what WE will work on (and to alert on priority if need)

@oldsysops Do y'all add notes based on who did what? That seems to be a major feature that's being requested, or something similar

@aurynn on redmine someone post a patch ( git diff) continous integration (Jenkins) run. If it goes green (and thé commit message have the number of the ticket so redmine can relate CI to the ticket)
AND another dev says ok (peer review) then it goes on master. And finally on prod (when we do release)
I can't say it's fast but it get the job done.

@oldsysops do individuals get attribution in your system slash do they want it?

@aurynn yes a ticket can be attributed to a team or an individual (we use that to tell other than we take care of this topic).
Want is not the word here 🤨. Let's say it's how we work

@aurynn Aren't you basically looking for a public/private kanban board kind of thing?
Like... KanBoard has the ability to give people access to boards... so you can have private/shared boards that way?

@Firesphere kinda yes, but then "people" isn't necessarily associated with a distinct email address

@aurynn Hmmm.... This kinda actually sounds familiar though....

I've been looking for somewhat a similar system for my Home Assistant. The built-in "To-do" is a single list, editable by everyone that has access to my HA instance...

If you ever get around to building something like what you're currently looking for, lmk 😆

@Firesphere this would be fine EXCEPT there is a huge argument right now about attribution and recognition so something custom is basically going to have to exist

@aurynn @Firesphere could they have individual email addresses for logging into such “shared services with specific self attribution”? In addition to a shared email address (the existing one they’re sharing) for everything else.

Because TBH plural selves trying to share one email address for everything reminds me of couples who share an email address for everything. It… just doesn’t seem very practical.

@aurynn @Firesphere also if there’s a concern about “hiding things from others” it could be multiple email addresses that go to the same (shared inbox). Ie the bare minimum to allow repurposing a “group planning” tool relying on email addresses as identifiers.

I know a few people I follow online have plural selves, but I’m not sure if they ever tried to find a shared task tracker that also had plurality attribution tracking as well.

@ewenmcneill @Firesphere Multiple emails can work - anything @ aurynn dot com works - it just feels ... idk, sloppy, difficult to work with. I was hoping for something a little less awkward.

@aurynn @Firesphere :-)

If your plural selves are cooperative on attribution there’s always the convention used by shared, eg, Twitter accounts: ^as (or other initials / stable nickname) as a “signature”.

Also while I remember this is Meg-John Barker’s book/article link page on their plural selves. (MJ is both non binary and plural, as well as an academic writing about such things; the downloadable book is a collection of the articles linked on the page.)

@ewenmcneill @Firesphere "co-operative" would definitely be stretching things atm, honestly.

I think I'm going to end up hacking something simple together...

@aurynn nothing that's meant for use that i know of, but could something like the Listing It app (android) work?

It's basically nested lists, every list item can be a new list heading.

So i figure maybe the first page of lists could be a list of names + "shared", and have to-do tasks within the relevant name?

@aurynn oh sorry, i see priority is attribution?

A paper or word doc or spreadsheet to-do could, instead of being a check or crossed out, put identifier (colour, sig, initials, name, w/e works) next to the completed task?

@certifiedperson yeah that's what we're doing right now, we were hoping there'd been some work in this space, since there's nonzero plural developers around. 🙂

I may have to write something simple for myself...

@aurynn it's not a to-do as such, but i wonder if something like multichat on github (candlebrae i think is the username?) Is a thing you could utilise in some way? Might be easier to adjust than write from scratch. I'm not a coder but managed to adjust it very slightly, found the notes in the code helpful & clear (in python)

Terminal based, is more for creating text docs (windows defaults to notepad, linux i think defaults to nano? But u can change it.) >

@aurynn basically type in a name, and a folder with that name will be created / accessed. Then you can write a new note, view your own notes, or view shared notes.

If you wanna switch, iirc you just press q-enter until you're at the first screen and 'logged out' and just type the new name. Can have multiple terminal windows open i think? Shared notes can automatically add attribution. They are notes more than to-dos, but like i said, might be utilisable.

if a pen and paper / low-tech solution is applicable 

@aurynn I wonder if a bullet journal system with one pen colour per headmate could work for you? Each headmate would have their own colour and whoever fronting would only use their own colour to write.

Multiple notebooks could be it too but that'd multiply the planning work.

if a pen and paper / low-tech solution is applicable 

@cadxdr bullet journal is the closest thing to working for me, yeah. I’ll moot it. Thanks 🙂

@emi more software, since I don’t really want to hack my own together (but will if needed)

@aurynn I've used before. It's simplicity is great for adapting. You could make an alias for a shared list or different personal lists. It's simplicity was also it's downfall for me, once there are too many custom solutions and the list is synced between too many devices it became unstable. If you're still looking though it might be worth reading the front page. 🤷‍♀️

@aurynn I asked a plural system I know from another network about this and the headmate who replied said they're using Nextcloud's tasks system.

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