Anyone have any good recommendations on a lap/bed desk for using a laptop in bed?

@aurynn I bought this one for US$30 last year, and use it quite a bit. it's wide and fairly stable. it's also out of stock, but the manufacturer has a lot of similar alternatives.
of course you can get nicer ones if you're willing to spend more money, but I feel this one is a good value for the cost.

@twistylittlepassages oh that looks really nice, thanks for the recommendation.

How do you find the wobble and the available angles, for laptop use?

@aurynn I just eyeballed the design from the photos. I figure the wider the legs, the more stable it'll be. some of the other ones out there have only two legs (shaped like an inverted T)! I just can't see that working on a soft surface - maybe they're designed for a standing desk setup?

anyway, yeah, I primarily use mine for laptop too, though sometimes also food. this one's wide enough for both, if your device and/or plate aren't too big. I like the tilt option, but turns out I never use it.

@aurynn oh! angles, I think I understand what you mean now. I think I just read the customer Q&A on a whole bunch of them to get an idea of how far the surface tilts. mine goes to about 40 degrees, with 5 notches between that and flat.

@aurynn I use this one with relative success, although it does require knee positioning.

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