I know I'm chattering a lot about this but it feels really important

@aurynn It is, and it really explains why I felt like the internet was a much more welcoming place pre-Twitter/Facebook/YouTube/etc. Algorithm-driven services are inherently community-hostile.

@sitharus hmmm. Trading our found community for algorithmic community?

@aurynn yeah, the algorithm can be trained to exploit human psychology and make you feel connected, whereas a community doesn't want to do that but offers real connection.

I have far fewer connections on the fediverse, but you all feel like people I know. I missed this feeling.

@sitharus @aurynn It took me a few tries to get past the lack of constant new content I'd get from twitter, but this does feel more real

@PetraOleum @aurynn It's like a slot machine, keeps hitting you with content to keep you "engaged" but eventually you realise it's just trying to drain everything from you.

@sitharus @PetraOleum that's how Twitter feels for me. It's just the constant need to be Outraged All The Time on Twitter, and I kinda hate that it makes me feel that.

Here feels so much more real, so much more meaningful and deep and important.

@aurynn @sitharus On twitter you have to be outraged, here you can just be pissed

> I have far fewer connections on the fediverse, but you all feel like people I know.

This! My account on Titter has always been a puppet echoing my posts in the 'verse. But the few times I've tried to converse with people there who've responded there to my posts, I quickly felt like I'd put my hand in a wasp nest. I've had occasional tense exchanges here over controversial hot takes, but much more often I feel like I'm getting to know people.

@aurynn @PetraOleum @trishalynn

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