I really feel like I’m on to something here with “Services are a mistake”.

Like there's a huge truth, a light that's shining on how we've been thinking about building network technologies.

Services are naturally hostile to communities, because services cannot protect communities.

@aurynn I think this is sounding like the difference between top-down (services) and bottom-up (community).

@aurynn I'm not sure I follow the line of reasoning. They're not neutral, because the status quo isn't neutral, I follow that, but how does that lead to them being inherently a mistake? Doesn't the service almost need to come first before a community can develop on top of/within it? Like, some mastodon instances are services, not communities, but isn't the mastodon platform itself, as an architecture, also a service?

@ada the core line of thinking I'm having here is that, because they're not neutral, setting up something to be a "service" is actively harmful to marginalised groups, and any community that might develop on top of that service is always at risk due to the inability of the service to protect them

@ada or, more succinctly, a service can only be hostile to the existence of a community

@aurynn So, does mastodon and the greater fediverse no count as a service in this context? Are you looking only at specific instantiated instances, rather than the technology platform itself when you define a service?

@ada I'm thinking about individual instances here, not the fediverse as a whole.

@aurynn Can you talk a little bit more about what you mean by "protect"?

In meatspace, both police and the mob offer "protection services".

@aurynn @atomicpoet services are going to go after broader market share so the amount of harassment they are willing to accept will always be more than what a community would accept. They won't care if users fall thru the cracks as long as they create enough new users to replace them.

@mcneely @atomicpoet that is part of the core point I'm driving at here, that services are actively harmful to the existence of communities

@aurynn I appreciate the fediverse’s ability as a service/protocol etc, to enable communities I want to participate in. And to let me exclude those that I don’t
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