me, being struck by the lightning of a follow-through: service-based social media is always flawed, since services cannot, by definition, protect communities

@aurynn I think services can act as substrate for communities - Discord probably the strongest example I can think of where a servers' community has the moderation tools it needs to make it work.

@dznz The service does not protect the community, merely provides the community tools to protect itself

@aurynn this is where some of the core misunderstandings and tensions come from - community (or other curated thing) or utility. Both FB and Twitter started at the former with vague intentionality, then tried to claim the latter, and (esp FB) are now trying to pick and choose elements of the two but with no actual design or reflection on the topic, hence a lot of the inherent clashes and paradoxes and inconsistencies

@aurynn yes?

And: services naturally create communities around them, as do many other things

Different types of community ofc

@aurynn so I'm contemplating the coworking space I am at sometimes as "service", where the owners have pushed hard into community creation around the space.

And: hostile hosts can still form communities! But guess what kind of community.

@aurynn agreeing with the sentiment, & reflecting on where it spills to

@xurizaemon It's interesting, isn't it? It feels ... big? like it needs to be thought about and explored?

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