apparently building complex configuration management in Bash is "cursed"

and a pile of curses is witchcraft

so I guess I'm a devops witch then

anyway today's cursed activity is extending my Bash configuration management system, Babashka, to support a variable file, that can be used in various build thingies.

since right now I'm using a bad hack to find absolute paths, which is clearly Not Ideal.

The real question is, do I use a .ini parser, or, just have something that sources a file, or what.

I guess we'll find out.

@aurynn I've...been a big fan of sourcing things, because that allows another layer of abstraction by running things instead of just k/v if you really need it :P

@aurynn I source files in my bash configuration scripts because it requires no external dependencies. And that was the purpose of me using bash configuration scripts.

My variables are stored in a bash associative array, and I use a sed-based basic template system to populate my configuration files.

@aurynn I write everything in Bash if I can. I've even had code accepted by so my Bash output is running in production in a vast multitude of places globally.

I'm not sure I'd argue about it being witchcraft though, but I don't think there's any negative connotation in that. 😁

@aurynn it is, zsh is much nicer for scripting. Is that the right fix?

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