Please, please, please set your Twitter repost bots to not repost your retweets or quote tweets.

@aurynn honestly. Otherwise I’m going to have to mute accounts. I could mute keywords but I want to keep options open in case there’s something I am interested in occasionally.

@heyrochelle Do mute accounts. Muting is also a good way of filtering a lot of it out.

@aurynn @heyrochelle I have muted both:


RT @

Both seem to be pretty common with retweet/cross posting services.

@aurynn @heyrochelle have already muted a couple people who've been RTing a storm, I don't want twitter 2.0

@aurynn @mike better still, don’t use a twitter reposting bot at all. Take the time to craft a toot relevant to your followers here. It’ll pay off in the long run.

@dadegroot @aurynn @mike I get the desire to just blast content out automatically. but I don't think anyone appreciates it, really

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