My species of capitalist space dolphins is now going to forcibly inundate our competitors with oceans

Now that I have a fully operational mega shipyard, and I build a bunch more fleet capacity, I’ll build a bunch more fleet and really wreck those BIRDS, those Floofs, who think they’re so much better than us

“Floofs” are a custom species I made, the Featherine Compact. I forget what their species traits are.

I’m also going to make an Agrarian Idyll species of Space Sharks, and the Socialist Workers Republic of Coral.

And update my Imperial Radch species to take advantage of some of the new stuff.


and there’s my always-favourite, the Gee Koh Republic. Fanatical materialists who REALLY LOVE ROBOTS SO MUCH. They also love everyone else! They’re really happy space geckos.

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