Considering getting a Saturn so I can try to figure out how to write software for it

because that's reasonable

except I have no nostalgia for it so it's fully because it's got like 7 processors and so programming for it will be extremely hairy


and for some reason that's really appealing right now?

@aurynn yeah weird hardware just looks like so much fun

all the x86 and even lots of arm stuff just looks, boring

tho its emulated on MiSTer now so maybe that could be a more cost-effective option now instead of getting a real console. but then you have to mess around with intel quartus crap which is, ugh

@aurynn (well there are probably prebuilt images for MiSTer around, but the proprietary toolchain dependency still sucks)

@sys64738 Coding in an emulator or on an fpga system would be good for development, but the real fun would be getting a game on real hardware. 😄

@aurynn anyway, other cool consoles:

* dreamcast
* ps2 (all the VUs!)
* ps3 (cell be :0)
* DSi/3DS

sadly the gcn/wii and psp are less interesting because its more off-the-shelf-ish in the case of the psp, and less hackable/more brute power in the case of the gcn/wii gpu

theres also OMAP SoC with a TMS320 DSP builtin, and theres also this thing:

@sys64738 the Dreamcast is pretty straightforward, it looks like - a gpu, a CPU, a simd engine on-die on the CPU. Nowhere near as ridiculous as the Saturn.

The PS2/3 are interesting but running unsigned code on the 3 is apparently extremely hard? and the real fun would of course be the Cell processors.

@aurynn iirc the ps3 requires a usb exploit, but from there on its not *too* hard i think? mostly judging from the ccc talks:

Not a thing anymore unfortunately but my favourite ps3 hack - plugging in a usb device that is programmed to rapidly change its device name and overflow the buffer, running arbitrary code as a result.

@aurynn but sadly the last one has a "CIS I/F", which, ew

@aurynn I _really_ want to try writing code for the Saturn, too! But then again, I do like weird console hardware (I'm currently sitting here thinking about reimplementing the PS2 Linux loader in Rust, so that I can adapt it to run my own OS on a PS2…)

@iris normally I’m not like this about consoles, it’s usually for SGI machines

But gosh is the Saturn appealing. I spent the afternoon thinking about how I’d do per-pixel lighting without pixel shaders and very limited RAM.

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