“why is Ubuntu trying to install i386 packages?”, the story of discovering that dpkg can be configured to fetch i386 packages when you’re on amd64

@aurynn for an embarrassingly long time that was the only way to get Skype running on an amd64 Ubuntu box.

@aurynn for extra fun you can configure it to install say, armhf, then configure qemu binfmt support and a surprising amount of stuff will install and run just a lot slower

@aurynn it’s been handy in a variety of situations, including but not limited to making binary x86-only Linux printer drivers work on ARM based print server

@aurynn and extracting binaries from embedded devices so you can strace and prod them in a more comfortable environment

@fincham in this case, I was struggling with “why is dpkg refusing to use this source?” and discovering that the VM was configured to request i386, and refusing as the source was not i386-capable.

Which was surprising.

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