discovered that my beautiful Parker ’51 pen has seized up soooo I might be needing to find a pen repairer person soon

@aurynn I'm not a pen repairer but I have repaired pens...

When you say seized do you mean the little press fill thingy? Like some ink has dried in it or has the ink sac ruptured?

@carl_klitscher The plunger bit is really stiff/doesn't want to be plunged, so I think ink has dried inside of it

@aurynn in that case it may just be a matter of soaking it in water for a while... hours/days/weeks depending on how dried out it is. Take it apart as much as possible and soak the main body... every so often just push the plunger a bit with the nib still in the water and see if you can get some water sucked up inside... just jiggle it a bit as Arkwright used to say... given the age of the pen a few days soaking isn't much 🙂

@carl_klitscher yeah I’ve filled a cup with water and it’s sitting in there now, hopefully the water level is high enough to get to the dried part.

Disassembly is … extremely complicated, and I’d much rather someone who has experience fixing these old pens do it, since it’s pretty rare

@aurynn Aye. Here's hoping the water will be enough!!
The one I wanted to save was an old Conway Stewart used by my Great Aunt... ended up having a perished bladder. No chance of fixing it. :-(

@aurynn Aaannddd... I dug the Conway Stewart out again took it apart and soaked it to get the dried ink off.

Just started hunting for replacement parts and came across a comment on Conway Stewart pens that said "P.S. Don't soak the pen, as it almost certainly made of casein and will be destroyed by soaking in water"

Went to check on the pen and can confirm that the comment is correct.

Today hasn't really been one of my stellar days I have to say...

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