Hey friends

Last year sometime, someone posted a really good “intro to the fedi” post that they used for new signups on their instance

did you see this? and, unlike me, bookmark it?

@Gargron it wasn’t this, but, gosh, this is amazing, thank you

@aurynn is it this one? I found it pretty useful.

Found it in my browser bookmarks not my Mastodon bookmarks but I feel like I found it from @mattcen maybe

Any more details you might recollect? Was it primarily about the Fediverse, i.e., federation and stuff (instances, conversartions that are only partly displayed because the instances doesn't "see" all other "remote" instances involved...)? Or rather a userguide to Mastodon/Pleroma/gnusocial?

@simsa03 it was for a multilingual instance, the background of the page was a pale blue. It was talking about Mastodon specifically, and fedi culture and expectations

Ah, sorry, I can't help with Mastodon documentation ( @Gargron seemed to have send you a link already). Perhaps this guide to gnusocial may offer some further help, it has some good explanations on federation etc. that can be used for other instances as well:
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