gosh, remember when IceCast was a thing, and you could just stream music to your friends

@aurynn lol I still do it. Im sure no one listens though haha

@aurynn what’s stopping us doing it now? aside from my powerful desire to just loop troll songs I guess

@fincham no one would listen

I don’t even think I have anything which could talk to an icecast server

@aurynn I’ve definitely seen some kind of HTML / JS monstrosity that can play streaming audio

@fincham websockets can do anything though

It has to be icecast

@aurynn I always thought icecast used HTTP. I’m going to have to check tomorrow 😂

@fincham @aurynn VLC seems to consider icecast a form of Internet Radio. Which seems fair. Definitely used to be supported; probably still is. There even used to be an Icecast Directory....

@fincham @aurynn for all your other listening needs, there’s a list of supported players. And it looks like some web browsers did support playing from Icecast mount points directly, back in 2016 (possibly removed again now, like gopher/ftp/etc).

(As speculated there are also some JS audio plays that had/have Icecast support.)

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