@aurynn I have stopped using andstatus, testing twidere

@xssfox @aurynn I used Twidere for a couple of years for both Birdsite and Mastodon. It isn't bad, though I suspect its Birdsite support has suffered as the API has become more unfriendly.

@mattcen @aurynn it seems to be going ok but the UX leads me to think that I going to post the wrong thing to the wrong account :s

@xssfox @aurynn oh yeah, that's a valid concern. It's particularly if you use the same profile pic across accounts.

@aurynn @xssfox I enjoyed Amaroq initially but a week or so ago I switched to Metatext and it is mostly better

@fincham @xssfox I do like Metatext, to the level that Cloud Island is contributing to development

@fincham @xssfox I thought so.

Also I just found tooot, which is also nice. Haven’t used it a lot yet though.

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