me, looking at the Route53 console: this is *very clearly* DNS

@thegibson in this case, some part of this DNS setup is lying to me

and I don’t know which

@aurynn it is dns… it is likely all lying to you.

Or simply cached.

@thegibson In this case I’m looking at the zone, which isn’t *directly* lying to me, I think

but something else has, I think, cached something, and lies are being spread

@aurynn this is the way of DNS.

What is your ttl set to? Has it expired?

@thegibson In this case it’s not DNS updates that I’m going “what the hell is is going on here” about, it’s trying to find where something is declared

@aurynn were there changes involved, or are you simply looking for the badness?

@thegibson In this case, I’m looking at the certificate validation stuff, which says it’s validated it, but I can’t find the associated CNAME record that is the validation

which is very confusing

@aurynn I feel like Amazon had “heard” of DNS but not actually used it, sometimes

@fincham there’s always time for new exciting adventures in ways that DNS can be made

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