@jzzocc did the thing with the sponsorship happen?

@aurynn Not yet, honestly still unsure if I want the stress that comes with money being involved, though it would be nice to recover the ~$30 / month spent on hosting and CrowdIn

Was thinking of starting an OpenCollective that would be for Metatext and commissioning a mascot for Metabolist each month 🤔

In the meantime reviews on the App Store are appreciated!

@jzzocc yea but have you considered letting me give you like $100/mo to keep developing it 😉

@aurynn that is quite generous! I’ll start taking donations on OpenCollective if you insist lol

@jzzocc I want to support good projects that I use. As a person who writes software, I know the value of the time that goes into it.

@aurynn Ok, it’s set up, check the latest posts by @metabolist for details

@metabolist @jzzocc choice, I’ll get that sorted as soon as I’m back at my desk

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