@aurynn hmm, this may be an improvement. I'm prepared to give it a try.

@aurynn happy new year! From my couch in Canberra, watching Vika and Linda Bull sing my absolute fave of their songs on the ABC TV concert.

@aurynn we were driving home from dinner with friends earlier tonight and my 13yr old counted down to midnight in Apia and then screamed “Happy New Year Samoa” loud enough for several Pacific islands to have heard him. 😆

@aurynn Happy NZ-time New Year! (My housemate and I also celebrated in NZ time so we could go to bed now, 2.5 hours before midnight in our timezone)

@aurynn Kiwis…I dunno. Always beating Aussies to everything by a few hours…what’s up with that?? #HappyNewYear

@chidgey @aurynn it's OK, very soon now we'll do exactly the same thing and pretend we were first anyway.

Happy new year Aotearoa!
Let's try to stay off the maps for 2021 as well, shall we? ;-)

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