so the NZ government is signing on with the whole "no one gets to have encryption" endeavours, which, as a social media host, means I won't be able to do things like "enable e2e encryption for my customers"

which I'm not happy about

@aurynn This is one of the reasons I've never been overly impressed with Ardern. Yeah, she looks great... Because she's being compared to the worst leaders in history. It's easy to look good in that crowd.

@adz the alternatives are far, far worse

I'm not happy about this, and it means I'll be going and pestering Andrew Little about it

@aurynn Yeah that's what I mean. The world (not just NZ) is so choice-poor when it comes to leadership that she was even being discussed as a Nobel Prize winner. Ridiculous. But also, terrifying.

@aurynn I'm not even saying she's bad. She's just... So average, by any reasonable measure. Yay! Pass mark!

@adz the problem with this is that they're not *wrong* in that broad use of encrypted comms is very used by people engaging in horrible things like child abuse

preventing anyone from having encryption, though, as a result? idk. I wish I had a better answer than "no one gets it"

@aurynn This framing has been used aggressively since 9/11 to restrict our freedoms and surveil everything we do. It's amazing to me that:

1. They keep trotting out the same arguments year after year in country after country.

2. They still continue to work.

If the world's rulers have shown us anything, it's that public safety is *NEVER* the actual aim. Of anything. It's, at best, a side-effect.

@aurynn I mean, they're not *wrong* when they say that people entering a country without a visa often do so for nefarious reasons but... You know the rest.

@adz it works because it's a reasonable argument.

It's just being placed into a deeply disingenuous framework in a time of panic and used without any sort of oversight system, checks and balances and whatnot, by neoliberal oligarchs or their corrupted cronies.

@aurynn @adz Undermining encryption will make it easier for cybercrims to steal your money, data, and nudes.

@daedalus @aurynn This is just the tip of the iceberg. The cybercrime aspect is actually the least concerning to me. Does anyone trust their police and leaders to be responsible with such powers? Even if you trust your current government, what about the next one?

@daedalus @aurynn Also, read the list of signatories on the statement... LOL.

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