I'm a well-established programmer, the issues I have around iOS are that I'm intimidated by the environment since I don't have very much experience with UX-focussed development like this, and Swift is a fair sight different to Python.

I did some Android dev about 5 years ago and I was able to start to get something to, like, work? So I clearly can develop the capability to make these things happen


trying new things means failing at new things for a while

and that can be hard to manage

@aurynn I do some iOS dev from time to time, and it's actually pretty accessible once you take the plunge. It's not entirely free of tears, however.

@tclark there’s just so much new to learn, it’s overwhelming

@aurynn "Trying to cook in an unfamiliar kitchen". I know how to cook but the available ingredients and tools are different, and I don't know where to look for them, etc.

@daniel yeah that’s basically it. Everything is weird and different and unfamiliar but also very similar.

@aurynn yeah, I have very little confidence in my ability to do UX-focussed dev too; it's occurred to me to write a backend for an app with trivial UI on it and then say "designers, halp!" and hope my call is answered.

@mattcen @aurynn I like doing that sort of stuff, but I have the same problem as Aurynn re finding the spoons to learn new platforms, as well as chronic overcommitment

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