so they're planning on raising taxes on the top 2% of earners in NZ, which is a good thing overall, and trying try to ensure that multinationals pay more taxes

overall: this is good

upside: we all buy more society

downside: right-wing trash will be very loud and shitty about this

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downside: it's an election promise and NZ has a strong right-wing current and even though Labour has nailed it through the pandemic we live in a dystopian hell of weaponised propaganda through memes so this has me a bit concerned tbh

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@aurynn the right wing will invent whatever it needs to be shitty about, so you might as well give them something popular and useful to be shitty about.

@aurynn Once again, NZ leading the way on what governments in our region should be doing

@emmadavidson one hopes we succeed in our endeavour to improve the world

@aurynn Taxing the rich is like quitting smoking. Sometimes you gotta try a few times to make it work. I hope you succeed, but if it doesn't happen this time then you're better prepared for the next time you try it.

@emmadavidson all we can do is keep trying and eventually we will succeed.

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