I am a programmer!

I *could* grab PyParsing and bash out a custom Dockerfile-like syntax and then wire that up behind the scenes to cloud creation APIs and stuff

... It'd take me a few days to get something hacked together


fuck I'm going to do this aren't I

@aurynn No wait, stop, don't, this is a mistake. :)

@aurynn This does not feel like a good enough reason.
I mean, I get it, but also, as somebody who is perpetually distracted by new shiny things that seem like an interesting idea at the time, only to find I then forget where my stack of yaks began, I counsel against this course of action. :)

@mattcen I'd like this tool to exist though

since I kind of, like, want to use it right now

@mattcen Hacking something out of Packer and Terraform worked, ish, but it doesn't spark joy

@aurynn Oh dear. The more I think about this the more sensible the idea sounds. When I was building several slightly different Debian and Ubuntu desktop SOEs, we never did quite find a good approach to genericising the base images...

@mattcen Right? Now that Docker has been invented it's a kind of obvious, really good approach

@aurynn @mattcen I remember doing this sort of thing with Solaris and Jumpstart so we didn't have to sit at a console hitting [next] for days on end.
Everything old is new again.

@aurynn @mattcen You're gonna end up using jinja2 templates to build Dockerfiles with variable interpolation and it's going to be heartbreaking for every body involved.

@tveastman @mattcen I am categorically not going to do that

I am going to start with a yaml-based thing (for reasons of figuring out the state machine before I build a custom parser) that does not have any variable interpolation and does not build Dockerfiles.

I’m looking at Openstack api library + paramiko to ssh in and do stuff, though @astraluma is trying to convince me to pull the disk image and do it locally instead

@aurynn @tveastman @mattcen I'm trying to convince you to pull the disk image locally for extreme shenanigans.

Aka magic.

@astraluma @aurynn @tveastman I think "extreme shenanigans" sounds cooler, personally.


@astraluma @aurynn @tveastman I tried that recently. It was... interesting, in the "may you live in interesting times" sense of the word. I submitted patches to no fewer than *three* different projects to get it working. (But I *did* get it working!)

@aurynn @mattcen I've yet to find something I successfully do with terraform that doesn't spark joy...
Not saying there aren't better tools for some jobs though

@wisp @mattcen it’s pretty much the best tool for cloud infra jobs


Also irritatingly bad in many ways

@aurynn have you played around with pulumi or the terraform-cdo?

@aurynn typo :( I meant cdk.

It’s .... alpha I think. But maybe you can steal some inspiration from it 😀

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