Me: Okay today I'm going to do some infra work for Cloud Island

Me: Okay so I want to have a CI/CD pipeline for making these Sidekiq nodes

Me: Okay so to keep with the theme of either hosting myself or using NZ companies, gonna set up a Gitea+Drone CI

Me: Okay gotta write a Packer build to make the cloud images

Me: ... Okay gotta write a Packer bundle for Textmate?

@simon_w @aurynn I was going to say something similar! Also (a) unclear how TextMate fits into this (I don't use it so am clearly missing something) and (b) I'm interested in your choice of Gitea and Drone CI (just because I was looking into CI stuff recently and am trying to decide which tools to learn; consisting GitLab, but it may be overkill.

@mattcen @simon_w TextMate doesn't have a Packer bundle, so the HCL2 syntax doesn't have highlighting or snippets or other nice things

so writing Packer is tedious

I'm going with gitea+drone because it's *so* simple to set up. Gitlab looked big and very intimidating.

@aurynn Ah right; I'd misunderstood the use of "bundle" in this context and initially thought you were bundling up TextMate into a Packer image, which seemed... odd :)

@mattcen oh yeah no, "Bundle" is the language support thingy

@aurynn at least packer has HCL support now 🎉
JSON syntax was no fun at all

@xssfox yes that’s why/how I’m going to write a bundle

@aurynn You've inspired me to do some home infrastructure work today!

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