A reminder that being contemptuous or shitty about other people’s tech choices is an extremely bad look

@aurynn yes, but there is no good use case for NTFS unless there are no other options

@beegrrl NTFS is what’s used in Win10... and it works fine

@aurynn might just be my anecdote but I've broken 1 NTFS partition by using it normally and it wouldn't even mount read only

Yes, the disk was and is fine and I still use it today with EXT4

@aurynn that's why I say I will never trust a Microsoft filesystem (even if it's anecdotal). Ext4 has never failed me, neither has xfs or zfs or (surprisingly) even btrfs

@beegrrl sure, that makes sense. Use what feels good to you.

My core point though is that other people’s choices are valid even if they’re different.

@aurynn i agree

But I also enjoy bantering about it

I need to be explicit when a post is banter bait probably :blobsweats:

@beegrrl Making that clear is a good shout, yeah. Otherwise it's extremely offputting.

@aurynn I'd like to carve out a tiny exception for that AI that attempts to guess people's gender.

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