Starting to get a bit annoyed at the amount of untagged uspol on the fedi timeline

not entirely sure what to do about it

I can open Twitter if I want to have unfettered uspol dragged across my timeline, I don't really want that here

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Deleting it seems overkill.

But I can't silence individual toots, only the user as a whole.

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@aurynn (thinking out loud here) is it feasible to auto tag it in some way, as it arrives? I’m thinking “poss-uspol” or similar. Then people can choose to opt in/out of viewing things with that tag, depending on preference.

Perfection of category identification is obviously hard AI; but automarking to, eg, 90% accuracy might be both tractable and also more helpful than not to some people.

@ewenmcneill Lotta engineering effort would need to go into that

@aurynn yes, I agree, it’s non trivial to implement. But possibly the value is (somewhat?) proportional to effort of implementation? (Eg like spam filtering: if the spam filter sorts out 80%, you have a much smaller problem for people to handle.)

@ewenmcneill it's an extremely nontrivial problem and would need to be able to run locally, not outsourced. I wouldn't even begin to know where to start building it.

@aurynn fair.

Possibly there’s some Mastodon servers dev group where you could raise that as an idea and see if there’s someone who knows how to implement it?

(I do agree the value would be in running the tagging on each local Mastodon server as posts arrive, for locally appropriate tags.)

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