hmm I wonder how Docker volume mounts are going to play over the network

@aurynn oh you mean docker remote client.

Ehhh... I wouldn't hold my breath.

@aurynn if it’s anything like when I did this via a hand rolled Linux VM, volume mounts would be off the host Linux machine.

You could maybe mount some bit of that host machine into your workstation, so they see a common file system layout, on Docker host and your client (with data actually stored on the Linux Docker host). NFS v3 or SMB v3 should work.

@aurynn I should possibly do the same. I’ve also got a NUC running Linux for my home lab hosting (I mostly use Vagrant VMs though, and git repos for what little persistence I need).

@ewenmcneill iSCSI off my NAS, you say?

More seriously, I was idly wondering at how volume manipulation and stuff is going to happen when it’s over a network like this.

@aurynn the Docker client just tells the Docker server what to do, which the Docker server does on the Docker host in ignorance of it mattering where the requests came from. Or at least that’s definitely what used to happen last I looked.

I suppose *maybe* they added transparent file system mounting back to a remote client (eg like RDP). But my money would be on “nope”.

Hence the suggested work around. (Network file system mount, not iSCSI.)

@aurynn that’s assuming the persistent volume is bind mounted into the container off the Docker host (and it sounds like in your case that persistent disk is backed by iSCSI Storage).

If the iSCSI mount happens only *inside* the container (*not* bind mounted), I guess the client never sees the volume contents in either local client or remote client case? 🤔 (Not sure I’ve seen that configuration, but it seems like it could be possible.)

@aurynn hmm. Only with hindsight does it occur to me you might not care if your client can see the persistent volume.

I was assuming that “client visibility of persistent volume” was the concern because that’s kind of what people expect coming from running Docker “locally”.

(Apologies if I gave you a detailed answer to the wrong question! 🤦🏻‍♂️)

@ewenmcneill I don’t really know what I’m musing about yet tbh

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