Hmm Ubuntu 20.04 isn’t ... bad actually

Aside from the normal nonsense of being unable to remap ctrl+c etc to meta+c, like macOS

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@aurynn I should do a workstation build and see if I dig it

@aurynn Do you specifically want this particular combo remapped, or ctrl to meta in general? I know Left-ctrl to meta is possible via gnome-tweaks. I remap capslock to backspace myself. (Apologies in advance if this is teaching grandma to suck eggs (apologies for potential sex/ageism (apologies for exceeding apology nesting limits)))

@bigblen I want to go through every shortcut that uses "ctrl", manually, and remap them to meta (or super). I don't want to remap "ctrl" itself.

@bigblen My goal is to be able to, for instance, in terminals, use "meta+c" to paste text, and have ctrl+c act as normal.

ctrl+shift+c to paste text is ... nonsense

@aurynn I see. Yes that would be good! It is a pain point, especially when shift-ctrl-c doesn't copy in other windows...

@aurynn @bigblen Would middle-click do what you need or do you specifically want a keyboard shortcut?

@aurynn @bigblen I haven't found a way of doing exactly what you want yet. But you've helped me realise this would be a Good Thing™ so I'll keep looking :)

@aurynn Have you gone down the road of looking at the available custom kepmaps with come with xkb? It’s powerful but hard to get right

@patcoll I don’t want to remap ctrl to alt or meta. I want to unmap copy from ctrl-c and remap it to meta-c.

@patcoll The overall goal is to have the keyboard shortcuts more or less mirror macOS:

meta-c/meta-v copy and paste
ctrl-c sends a ctrl-c

@aurynn 👍 I ended up compromising and doing the opposite, mapping Alt to Ctrl so my Mac muscle memory still mostly applies.

@patcoll tbqh linux isn’t worth the compromise, for me.

And going in and patching the all the toolkits to allow changing the basic modifier key and making it configurable is the sort of Sisyphean task that I don’t want to undertake.

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