Planner setting the bar for apps, yet again. This time, even the release notes go above and beyond (yes, really). I’m so proud that this is the ecosystem we’re building for elementary OS.

And yes, this is an open source app that is also available for any Linux-based desktop thanks to Flathub. So anyone about to jump in and complain about “lock-in,” hush—this is not zero-sum. If elementary OS disappeared tomorrow, Planner would still be a great, useful app.

Something something rising tide something something boats. You know how it works. 😉

@cassidyjames hey wait what is this I've never seen this before (including flathub)

@aurynn Planner is an awesome app for elementary OS, available on AppCenter:

It is also available on Flathub for those non-elementary folks. 😉

@cassidyjames Like A) I knew about Elementary and its focus on end-user UX but B) *wow* that's some quality polish and C) are there other Elementary apps with that level of polish? Is there a community there doing this?

@aurynn we’ve spent the last few years making AppCenter and the ecosystem around it—documentation, the AppCenter Dashboard where developers can submit and get paid for their apps, widgets, etc. This is one of the vest examples of apps in my opinion, but you can find all of the apps designed for elementary OS on AppCenter here:


@cassidyjames I spent this morning being very frustrated at people being all *snooty voice* omg use free software */snooty voice* and now

and now this



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