Hey, just published a great article on how I design and implement infrastructure, and how that shaped Cloud Island.

Check it out!

@aurynn Nice writeup!

I recently did media-file-backups for $work (on AWS) by copying them to a wholly-separate accounts s3 bucket (with versioning enabled). Service account lacks delete privileges and versioning prevents them overwriting data with blanks.

@daniel ooo that's something I hadn't considered, overwriting with blanks

good call, I'll think about how to add that

@aurynn an amazing blog post! I am bored waiting for an appointment, so I had enough time to read it!

I learned a lot, actually! I had not yet encountered the typology you developed!

@aurynn thanks, that's an interesting read. Some things to take so & reflect on.

May I ask what sort of Catalyst Cloud specific assumptions would need reworking if you had to deploy to another openstack provider?

@aurynn A clear and informative read. Thanks for posting and sharing.

@aurynn nailed my thoughts on capacity planning. A lot of my clients used to get hung up on that. It's great explaining to them that we can get it wrong on day 1, and adjust accordingly.

@xssfox we just need to build the accomodations in so that we can tune later 😊

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