The big realisation that I've kinda finally had the last couple of days:

Federation doesn't exist unless people run the software.

@dznz Why are we here, on Cloud Island? It's a social network for NZ, sure (and Aussies if they're nice 😉), but CI only really *works* because it's part of Mastodon and the Fediverse.

But that Fediverse ... doesn't exist without CI and all the other instances.

Federation doesn't exist without more than one instance.

Without Cloud Island and Cybrespace and Hackers Town and all the myriad of instances ... there is no fedi. Just Mastodon Dot Social.

@aurynn ah right, yeah. It's an emergent result of folks like you deciding it's valuable to do.

@dznz Each person like me makes it richer and more valuable.

@aurynn That's part of the reason I really hope federation catches on. Having local clusters run by the people who will be using them just makes far more sense than everything being maintained and moderated by some monolithic corporation in the USA who try and maintain a monoculture. Federation seems to represent a better model of how communities actually work.

@lachlan_ridley I completely agree with this.

The broader the fedi, the more we can talk about how to resist the pattern of defensive centralisation. The more we can build communities that are for ourselves.

@aurynn so the challenge is how to compensate for that labor?
Companies pay employees but how does a decentralised system care of their care takers?

@pearofdoom I'm charging money for users, so I can make sure that's provided.

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