It's been so long since the last Kawaiicon that I forgot where the better seats were in the house for taking speaker photos. 😢 I'll know for tomorrow.

Just a few pics shy of 800 for Wednesday merch bagging and today's first day. How many will survive the 'cutting all too fuzzy pictures from a dark auditorium'? You'll find out in my flickr album later.

First of the presos at with Andrew Bartlett from our Samba team.

Not to forget the 'I can get into the venue' wristband. The Crüe is diligent about checking vax passports and IDs. Have them ready before you get in line.

volunteer pro tip: cozy cake shop on Manners off Cuba will be open tomorrow at 6 for your caffeine fix.

This is the first in-person conference in 3/4 of a year. It'll be absolutely lovely seeing people in person and not rectangles.

PSA: for the next 2 days most of my tweets will evolve around . Stick around for the fun and the security. The event will be livestreamed. Head to for the details (in a bit)

Thank goodness the rain is supposed to stop before doors are opening. Keep your fingers crossed that the forecast is right or it's gonna be a bit steamy for the launch.

At we are looking for a Sales Manager to help us bring, ,, and to organisations and support them in using these platforms well with their learners. Want to join us?

T -1 to do list for
📷 Charge the camera battery and clean the lenses
🍲 Decide on what to do for food
📿 Look for volunteer lanyard for repurposing it

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