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Six authors from our @OReillyMedia@twitter.com book, 97 UX Things, will be doing 10-minute talks about their book chapters on June 6th! Come join @dgcooley@twitter.com, @kathikaiser@twitter.com, @bobthomas@twitter.com, @juliemeridian@twitter.com, @cindybrummer@twitter.com, and me for this brief but informative event.


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Call for proposals for the 2022 Eportfolio Forum - Intersecting life and learning to be held at University of Melbourne and Online on 26-27 October will close on 6 June eportfoliosaustralia.wordpress

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One more month and then the days are getting longer again. Can't wait. β˜€οΈ

Been on Cloudisland for a while now, but haven't actually posted anything or hooked it up to Twitter. Let's make a start and see how it goes.

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