It took a little fiddling to dial in but the new adjustment system is working just as planned 🥳🎉

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In theory, that's the redesign complete. If the sky stays clear I'll be testing it tonight.

FYI, These kinds of telescopes have two opposing mirrors in them that must be kept in allignment and they require periodic adjustment to maintain that allignment. Heres a little more so you can get an idea of how they function.

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I propose to adopt this spring tensioned design, It's common in the primary mirror cells of Newtonian Telescopes. The bolts drive outward away from the mirror and are tensioned with thumbscrews and held in tension by springs. Much less danger of overtightning, and the bolts cannot drive through to the mirror itself.

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This is the stock design, with screws driving into a metal plate behind the mirror. Tensioning a screw drags the mirror toward the corrisponding direction. This desing is prone to overtightening and jamming, and the screws can actualy penetrate through to the mirror! Terrible!

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I've had endless problems with the secondary mirror in my Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes, namely the collimation system. So tonight I'm redesigning it. The frustrating part is it's such a simple part that needs fixing.

I got the telescope out last night and snapped this one. Love how the colours came out C:

I also took some photos of the same target on film so I'm excited to see how those compare when I develop the roll

I made a chill lil' vlog about developing some film and the photographs I've been posting lately. Hope you like it c:

Vent, Insomnia 

I'm pissed off. I did everything right. No excess caffeine, got up at a good time, went out, kept busy and didn't nap.

And I still can't sleep through a fucking night

I am once again taking photos of Radio Towers in inopportune weather... ⛈️

I was hoping to capture some lightning but alas no such luck

I'm organising my plex server. I am slightly regretting being a classic doctor who fan rn haha

I will hook you all on Babylon 5 you cannot stop me

Spock Amok is 100% going down as one of the all time great episodes of the Star Trek franchise. Obv not in the same way Inner Light or The Visitor have, but Data's Day, Deja Q, The Magnificent Ferengi, Bride of Chaotica, and the like totally have a new episode amongst their ranks.

I gave my car a little tlc today. Some new sparks, new air filter, fresh oil. It's much happier sounding now haha

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