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mastodon 2022 year in preview:

- the gargoncoin scandal
- monads wins bronze at the winter olympics
- mastodon rebrand to jastodon (jean mastodon)
- "chainmail month"
- hans from stuttgart gets married
- goat excommunicated (hellsite drama)
- discovery of *the alternate timeline*
- koopa sighted (body double discourse)
- gargon-con
- "peak post" (IMF intervention)

I have tomorrow off, so I'm feeling pretty great this Sunday

Previously I would have gone with routes 160 or 170 to Wainuiomata, or maybe route 202 in Masterton, none of which can really compete

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Is this Wellington's most topologically absurd bus route?

pet peeve 

hydrogen fuelled cars. nothing says 'I don't want to meaningfully change my way of life' quite like that

It's controversial, but sometimes forums, are good?

I had heard rumours that progynova was white now rather than blue pills, but it's eerie in person

I don't *think* I run any Java apps except minecraft, I guess I'll find out though...

I'm not normally a person who likes calendars, but this is amazing

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well bdmrr passed apparently, so that's good

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I just heard a little honk and was like, What notification was THAT, I do not recognize it, and turns out there was a literal goose outside

Well I'm home, and I even assembled my new chair, so things are looking up

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