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Trying out the hairdryer my sister gave me ages ago and I have no idea what half the buttons on this thing do

I've never actually seen park chess irl, but I don't *think* absolute beginners are this popular

Regardless, I can't believe I was the only person who thought that made perfect sense

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Or was it a small boulder the size of a large boulder? Anyway, I think of that a lot

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Remember the large boulder the size of a small boulder?

And here is the rest of the family, Norma, Don, Brooke, and little Jeanie

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`rig` turns out to be really good for generating Sim names. Meet Norma Webster

In the meantime: Sim names and trait suggestions please!

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(I think I'll save actually playing until another day though, but it's nice to see that it works)

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The Sims 3™ does not endorse murder sprees inside or outside of the Sims® game worlds


It was a very strange experience being back at my parents'. My dad was outright civil!

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Good, uh, morning all

I need to go back to my parents today to pick up my Sims 3 dvds - I mean, sort out my old bookshelf, definitely that one

nzpol, tax 

Honestly, 39% for 180k seems kind of low, but at least it's something

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