@ben sorry, why are there different ages? are they from the 70s?

@heyrochelle the birds at our house are so desperate to get at the food we put out for them they ignored the brief hailstorm we had earlier

@jackyan So what still fascinates me, a while after I last tried to play with it, is that the minutes-late value you get when you ask the API about the buses due at a stop doesn't always or even often match the number you get from querying the vehicle endpoint itself, and doesn't even always match what shows up on the Real Time sign at the stop either. It's all just an incredible mess

@jackyan do they not have gps? I know it doesn't update very often, and is often inaccurate at least when it makes it to the api

Sending mad demands to [redacted] that they pat various animals for me

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really nice weather to be stuck in the office for the first day in weeks, well done me

my real advice though is just to wait, you'll be able to play without the new graphics as and how you want

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My advice for anyone either getting back into the game or wanting to learn prior to the graphical version is to zoom in, like a lot

Other games in the genre with much more intuitive interfaces still aren't nearly as zoomed out for their map tiles as Dwarf Fortress tries to be by default (it looks like the new version will be much better here, if only to show off the art). I zoomed back out a little after I got the hang of it again, but my eyes will never be as good as they were in highschool.

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@Firesphere you can find chrome's import funding by searching in settings, but *only* import. its also directly in the list when you open bookmarks in the menu

this is particularly grating as 'backup' is what I was actually looking for, rather than to shift browsers permanently, as this is my work computer and I like to have extra insurance in case of IT system whoopsies

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firefox makes them equally hard to find, but still a bit easier than chrome - 'import and backup' is visible immediately after opening the bookmarks manager, rather than hidden behind an unlabeled three dot menu (one of my least favourite design patterns, as it pretends to hold advanced options but in my experience usually doesn't have what I'm looking for)

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