you can tell how often I've stayed in a hotel before by how long it took me to figure out how to order dinner (never, and 8pm)

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You know, christchurch and Wellington aren't so different

Flight isn't super early, but taxi is booked for my normal wake up time, so...

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Have not flown since i transitioned, and have not been to Christchurch since a) i was a child and b) pre-earthquake, so while none of this is technically a first I'm still kind of nervous

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@vi Pre-interview mostly "analyse and present this data as if your audience was <x>"; during more likely to be "you have 15 minutes to write/annotate/correct this code which does <x>". But I don't exist in the standard tech world so 🤷‍♀️

@autumnontape but I gotta know the factors of 35! what if it's secretly a prime!

Based off the guides I read after finishing this scenario should have been a lot harder?

@ehashman I can never remember the name, but I do know a package that does this

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@brainblasted is correct: most sites make it far easier to “Accept all cookies” than to “Reject all cookies”. @bgcarlisle is correct: “Manage cookie settings” is obnoxious work thrust on the user.

What's worse is those sites are definitely not complying with #GDPR

which mandates sites must “Make it as easy for users to withdraw their consent as it was for them to give their consent in the first place.”

In short: “Allow all” *must* be accompanied by “Reject all”.

what's the term for dramatic irony when you have no extra knowledge over the protagonist?

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