@simon_w Wasn't really a storm, and it's already over!

@ben I thought this was a knife cw situation. And yes, it bothers me sorry

@aurynn I caught the bus which comes closer to my flat home, at least, so I can enjoy the rain from the other side of a window pane

@aurynn I brought that in before I left, just in time!

Neither of the game shops in Wellington have stock of Xanathar's Guide right now, and that's a very specific thing to be out of. They have plenty of other books I'd never even heard of!

ok, I'd better bring washing in, *sigh*

Apparently a walk in the sun can cheer even my dark and gloomy heart a little

I am legit peeved that most of the rain happened while I was asleep

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Sitting on a bench by the harbour planespotting, having just finished an iceblock on a beautiful spring afternoon: I was promised rain!

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