I would like my "Messages from Firefox" to not be hemisphere specific. Or apocalypse-specific either, frankly

I have invented a new chess piece: the collection of insufficiently well attached magnets in a new travel set

Death and statistics 

Wow, NZ's lockdown really sliced the top off of our usual winter mortality peak!

I've never actually seen park chess irl, but I don't *think* absolute beginners are this popular

And here is the rest of the family, Norma, Don, Brooke, and little Jeanie

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`rig` turns out to be really good for generating Sim names. Meet Norma Webster

The Sims 3™ does not endorse murder sprees inside or outside of the Sims® game worlds

I had thought the covid tracer QR codes would just have the location data in plaintext, but actually it's more like 'NZCOVIDTRACER:eyJnbG4iOiI5NDI5MzAwNTcwNTQ4Iiwib3BuIjoiMzExNyIsImFkciI6IkJ1c1xuVHJhbnp1cmJhbiwgTWV0bGlua1xuV2VsbGluZ3RvbiIsInZlciI6ImMxOToxIiwidHlwIjoiZW50cnkifQ=='

(from metlink bus number 3117)

Coco is doing a dry run of when she escapes with me to the flat next weekend

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