Based off the guides I read after finishing this scenario should have been a lot harder?

Won Amity Airfield with about a day to spare, which was... intense

Nobody can say that the Tycoon games were environmentally-friendly...

There was a kindle UI update a little while ago, and while most of it is no more objectionable than any other change for change's sake it now dithers out the part of the screen still showing the book when you go to change brightness - meaning you can't tell its effect on readability


Not at all as nice as I wanted, but it works in most circumstances so *shrug*

...might remove it if I don't find myself using it though

Surprisingly, a pivot-and-sort based approach seems to be working!

The names English colonialists and settlers gave to birds are wild

I mean, given the times that services arrive at stops, to create a table that respects skipped stops and alternate routes is non-trivial

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I wrote the 'does not run on labour day' code for RTI months ago and it's finally useful!
We really don't have enough public holidays

We're up to 129,995 now apparently, which is both amazing and hilarious. I'm sure there will turn out to be a few extra that weren't reported though

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This looks pretty good, i have to say? Unfortunately i don't have a way of working out how early or late a bus is for this page though

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