Not sure if this is a special thing to the version or if Borland invented the hamburger menu

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In honor of Chinese [standard mandarin] language week, from Chinese [standard mandarin] duolingo

It's been a very grey time lately, I'd like another warm sunny day soon. Unfortunately that's not happening any time soon

I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've seen something like this in a changelog

Today's Zealandia trip featured getting rained on, having birds face their butts to me whenever I tried to photograph them, and generally being slow on the draw, but it was a good time

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I've been posting a lot more pictures on pixelfed at @petra since I got my camera, mostly of birds and the moon

That one may actually have been a 'point' autofocus, I can't remember, but have a screm that I definitely did dial in on manually

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I've been learning how to use the manual focus, apparently to be able to better take photos of sparrow butts

Got some nice pictures during lunch, with bonus confirmation that at least the one tauhou has figured out the nectar feeder!

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From yesterday because it's too alternately cold/rainy to get new shots

Here are the batteries and how you charge them. not only is there exposed terminals for a lithium battery, they are charged with a hydra of a micro USB cable. At least they came with a box to store them in

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