Found a bug on another website. Usually I am right, and the techs are wrong, even though I am not a tech. We go through a ton of troubleshooting, all while they disbelieve me, and at the end it emerges I was right all along. Why is this?


@jackyan My favourite "the non technical user with the absurd bug is right" story remains the 500 mile email bug

@PetraOleum I seriously love this! Mine have been a bit different but what I found with Google and Facebook have wound up in the tech press! (Basically, blatantly lying to users.)

@jackyan I don't know why I'm still shocked when I hear about that kind of thing, but I am

@PetraOleum Here was the later one. Took two years to find a journalist with any guts. It had affected millions but for some reason no one thought of getting the press involved? Or maybe they did but it got buried.

To be fair, Scoop in Wellington did run my press release a year before, but sadly it canʼt be found on search engines now.

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