got caught in an openttd style snarl but with buses at the hataitai bus tunnel, nobody can move until everyone else does

Once again though I blame parked cars, this road should be plenty wide enough for passing


One reason why I like trams is that the rails designate a part of the street where you absolutely positively *cannot* park your car on pain of having it shoved out of the way. Instead on Wellington streets we expect busses to do ballet - at least the new electric ones are a tad more nible

@PetraOleum I mean it won't *actually* get shoved out of the way—the rail safety regulator would have an absolute field day if a driver did that on purpose—but there would be lots of angry dinging and you'd probably get towed pretty quickly.

@PetraOleum (For context on how hardcore rail safety is, taking a wrong turn at an intersection is commonplace for road vehicles, but in a tram it's cause for a regulatory investigation)

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