I'm technically a but I've been active on here at least as much as I've there for years now.
I spend a surprising amount of time reading genre fiction and listening to the radio like I'm in the 1940s or something. I have a few bots ( @VoteChess @eqnz and @vortaro ) and run a lightweight wellington bus app at
I'm currently trying to learn Mandarin on duolingo, though I think that's a quest without an end, and I'm about to run out of chars

@PetraOleum HelloChinese is so so much better than Duo for Mandarin. I'm a big duolingo fan but it just can't compete

@PetraOleum teaches you the characters by showing pictograms and guiding you. Separate lessons for characters, with option to mostly only learn speaking/pinyin. Real speakers giving example sentences sometimes. Teaches you the makeup of words. Better revision algorithm, that distinguishes grammar and vocab. Paid options get grammar notes and gotchas with each lesson.

Idk what else to say, it's a specialist master compared to duo's jack of all

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