continuing my weird day with a lunchtime cable car ride

why *do* we call the funicular railway a 'cable car' anyway? besides it being shorter

@PetraOleum I do not know. It's one of the few kiwilogisms that still gives me the dissonance.

@car @PetraOleum they’re cable cars in San Francisco too, another city with similar geography.

Growing up here I just assumed it was a universal term. But apparently not so much :-)

The “cable car” term is used in some other parts of the world, but mostly for gondolas it seems (ie airborne, no rails). Wellington and San Francisco seem to be the only ones with funicular railway called “cable car”).

@car @PetraOleum Wikipedia reports the specific design used was a cross between a Cable Car (normally called a “cable tram” elsewhere) and a funicular railway.

Apparently the distinction between a cable {car,tram} and a funicular is whether the cable moves constantly and the cars grip/release to stop, or the cable stops and the cars stay attached. (The modern Wellington version seems closer to a funicular, but maybe not always? 🤔)

@ewenmcneill @PetraOleum well, I'll be. Thanks, Ewen.

Now, if we can all just agree that nobody should be calling Speight's "beer", I think I'll sleep soundly tonight. :P

@PetraOleum the original was much more cable car like with a continuously moving cable, I guess the name stuck.

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