Getting 64GB of RAM for my new machine probably ranks among the single best decisions of my entire life.



In about 10 years you will read these posts again and think to yourself "64GB, can that even run the latest Chrome?!"

@fribbledom In the last 10 years I went from 2 to 16, so you might be right

@fribbledom @PetraOleum DDR5 DIMMs will launch at 512 GiB; that should hold off Chrome for a few months.


In all seriousness tho: packaging software, testing it across several distros & platforms. There are five or six VMs running here right now.

@fribbledom @PetraOleum me too the ram makes it VM bliss but my tmux and rxvt and neovim still only need a few mb total. The browser dwarfs them all

@dch @fribbledom same here, the discrepancy is becoming incredible

@fribbledom @PetraOleum Yeah the big RAM systems I've built at work have all been for the sake of being able to run tons of VMs simultaneously. Although in my experience all the RAM in the world won't save things if all the VMs are on the same physical storage and that storage isn't *very* fast (especially when running multiple Windows VMs, boy howdy does that OS love churning through the disk).
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