The "accuracy" measurement is pretty nonsensical sometimes

well there goes chess club next week, worried about the job I had lined up too


And to think I thought I already had a headache

at my grandparents for the weekend and wishing I'd brought a fan. It's just so hot

Sometimes i close a tab by accident and pretend that I meant to do it

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you have to say "i'm in" whenever you ssh into a machine for the first time, it's the law

It was a simul, but I was the last player standing so that counts for something

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Got complimented by a GM tonight (after he beat me) so I guess I have the story I'll be boring people with from now on?

Looks like I have temp work for the next couple of weeks

Of course, last time I did temp work (for the same people, same time last year) it was cut short by pandemic, but that wont happen again right??

I don't really understand people who run out the clock instead of resigning. It just gives me more time to celebrate?

Good morning cloud island. I've always felt vaguely guilty about Christchurch, I can't really explain why

Ok, went kind of well. I'll see how much I like this arrangement

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Earthquake at 6:15 PM, 5 km north-east of Porirua.
Magnitude 4.5, at a depth of 24.3 kilometres.
Modified Mercalli Intensity: V (Moderate)

Going to reorganise my desk this evening, I think

Also I kind of want to join the local chess club as something to do on thursday nights, even though I'm Very Bad and also it's expensive even with the new member/unwaged discount

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