I feel a bit better this morning, so that's good

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mh (-) 

My mood has taken a *catastrophic* fall tonight, but at least I got to send the en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byzantin link to somebody so that's nice

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May I present to you:

Actually usable scroll bars.

Real-world use cases:

1. Scrolling up/down.

2. Scrolling left/right.

3. At-a-glance indication of position.

4. At-a-glance indication of size of current working area in proportion to the total working area.


Working late, by while I mean "reading on top of my bed but checking every few minutes to see if this cursed slow SQL query has finished or not"

And now I'm on my way home. If only all medical stuff was this easy

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Your girl is on her way to get - or alternately to Hertfordshire as her autocorrect interpreted a poorly typed 'get'

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Phone won't arrive for about a fortnight apparently (unless the level changes mean it can be shipped sooner, but I'll not count on that). It will be a nice treat when it comes though

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Finally got around to buying a new phone and booking an earlier vaccine appointment (which is to say, it will be this week and not next week)


Got to appreciate the PM making sure nobody wins the office "guess the levels" competition

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Trying to figure out when in my life i became Bad at Stairs

Way too antsy today. Not sure if it's Waikato, the chocolate i just ate (but that doesn't usually get to me) or what

Good sleepy morning. About to head out to the bus stop in a few minutes, but i stayed up too late last night reading once again...

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