Looking at videos of that explosion is going to give me nightmares, isn't it?

Covid board game idea 

Probably a bit dark but no more than a lot of classic boardgames

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Covid board game idea 

Repatriation: race to get back to your home city/country through randomly opening and closing borders as drawn from a deck of cards

hopefully there will be no intervening earthquakes...

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Guess who forgot her linode had scheduled maintenance? This girl.

I'm such a great sysadmin

I was going to make a prime number bot at some point, wasn't I?

More like, an incredibly frustrating one honestly. Do as I say not as I do, because what I do is a waste of time I only bother with for my perverse amusment

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I enjoy x-less shenanigans, but I've never claimed that made me a *good* person

Anyw, good morning all, I should probably get out of bed

Transphobia on rnz 

As a weakling before and after transition, this topic infuriates me so much

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Transphobia on rnz 

There's a lot to take issue with in that trans women in sport podcast, but why does the guy they're interviewing keep taking about HRT as 'testosterone therapy'?

If only I could make hot chocolate last longer....

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Ok, I concede twitter is marginally more helpful when your account isn't locked.

Locked accounts work much better on fedi, let me tell you

"Gondor calls for aid!"

"Your King is in another Rohan"

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Twitter gets really quiet when you desperately need help

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