You ever go to bed so physically tired and worn out that you can't actually fall asleep?

Anyway, my knees hurt

Helping out set up my parents' church's garage sale today I found and bought a pin marked with приморскии краи (Primorsky Krai, the Russian province that contains Vladivostok) and an emblem of Lenin, so that's nice

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Hello Cloud Island. Please send cat pictures


Well i know at least one special vote is a Yes, so that's nice...

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Honestly the sc3k soundtrack would carry that series, it's crawl and nethack i would have to find something to back

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If I became i streamer I'd just play simulation games and roguelikes with no cam or mic, and with stream titles like 'Petra Has Slightly Offset Nostalgia: Sim City 3000 Edition'. I would earn zero (0) dollars

I've never give through the Mt Vic tunnel behind another bus before

Only one collision and a handful of snarls, so I'll take that as a win

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I spent so long today routing railways in transport tycoon, its a little ridiculous

On the internet as in real life, you catch more flies with vinegar than honey

set the system clock and now a file transfer has taken negative twelve hours

I managed to install with username "petral", so time to do that again

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Oh well, I guess I'll live with two separate harddrives

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this motherboard doesn't seem to have a raid controller!?

Flatmate, continuing: why don't you go have lunch already

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Me, a fool: Probably best to plug a monitor into the main vga port of this thing to make sure it works
New/old computer: Works, but only non-graphical elements
My flatmate, wise: Maybe plug it into the graphics card port???

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