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I'm generally a bit too lax when it comes to blocking shitlords I discover following my bots, but I *will* do it

what's the term for dramatic irony when you have no extra knowledge over the protagonist?

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So Microsoft has this ambitious plan to become carbon-negative by 2030. It's mainly a combination of planting trees, CCS and using renewables.

At first glance, this is a positive development and gives a clear sign to other large corporations that they should do likewise.

What concerns me is that even if this works, this does not scale up: there are not enough trees and renewables in the world to do this. So we might end up in a situation where big corps can claim to be green because they have effectively bought all the green resources on the planet. But the global emissions will still be huge.

Because what they are proposing is: we will keep on growing our computational resources (because that is what Microsoft sells, and they are still committed to growth as is clear from their 2020 annual report), so we will increase our energy usage and facilitate more emissions from manufacturing (by building more data centres and encouraging growth of device sales).


love it when my phone provider starts a cold call with misgendering me, makes me feel really good about my day

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on this, the day of Spotify wrapped, I carry a hopeful vision that if we were not dependent on ad-driven platforms, owned our own data, and paid artists directly we could build our own cool algorithmic tools to understand and explore our relationships with art and each other

totally unrelatedly: why aren't enterprise ad blockers standard already??

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when did clickbait shift from 'you won't believe'/'top 10' etc to 'do this now'/'try not to'/'you must' imperative headlines?

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I want to participate in the spotify thing but I don't have spotify. so your girl made do

going to be making a flying visit to Christchurch next week for work, and I'm trying to figure out how to fit 'aimlessly ride the tram' into my itinerary

lately I've been waking up feeling refreshed, and then reconsidering as soon as I get out of bed

If it lives up to expectations it will be worth it, but I've been burned before

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Finally returned that chair, and now need to look for a new one. Current candidate is great in every respect except being $500

the traffic lights thing is by district not region or dhb? *cackles in geographic pedant*

this is a very basic take, but like Detritus my brain has overheated

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I think regex would be less intimidating if you didn't end up with nested escape sequences, first for the string parser and then for the regex parser

been rereading Foundation (I haven't watched the show) and it's honestly not that great? I guess I know more about Rome now than when I originally read it

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lol a news site started just selling ads themselves instead of using targeted bullshit and made so much more money

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