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I'm generally a bit too lax when it comes to blocking shitlords I discover following my bots, but I *will* do it

sometimes I remember a news story I saw when I was a child about a guy who sold individual pixels on a web page for advertisements, and I feel like I want to replicate the naivety of that time while somehow doing the exact opposite thing

Specifically something interactive and persistent yet static and cookie-less

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Instead of work my brain now wants to think of a Website Idea

Deeply worrying that the news is having to concentrate on a few sunk boats today because we still haven't heard anything

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Oh well, I expect most of it was never actually recycled anyway

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I don't want to become a "remember when the bin men were hard" person but nobody seems to be collecting recycling in my street anymore

Hope Tonga is ok

Well, as ok as they can be :/

got a negative earlier than I thought, still need rest though

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also why are you still holding a sports tournament right now, how are there people still well enough to even provide oranges or whatever?

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The whole Djokovic thing is a huge "lets you and him fight" thing for me. On the one hand, an antivaxxer; on the other, the Australian immigration department

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IPA still only means isopropyl alcohol to me, so every time I hear people talking about drinking/appreciating IPA I get briefly mortified

today I was spared to catch the train to p north to see my grandparents, but instead I'm heading home sick via a covid test :(

oh it was deep, thank goodness - I was worried given how strong but far away it was

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Ok, time to try this "going to bed on time" thing again

turns out I feel asleep again, and when I woke up it was zoo time, but oh well!

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Good morning, I should clean my desk today so I can install my new toy (pcie 5gz wifi and bluetooth card)

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