Turns out I can do a 90 minute presentation on the complexity of our data model with 0 preparation*.

* Presentation might have consisted of 90 minutes of weird things I can make the product do by introducing inconsistencies to the data.

Explaining WHY we do something and making sure everyone understands takes so much longer than just HOW to do it.

It's always a worthwhile use of time though.

I'm not working, but I'm just going to sort this one thing out so I don't stress about it: The Orthanc story

On the one hand, that was definitely hail. 🧊

On the other hand, the heatpump is on and I just brought incredients for a slow cooked beef casserole 🤤

It could definitely be worse


Pretty pleased with the end result. Nice healthy comfort food

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Definitely looking and smelling good now. Time to poach the chicken

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Even as stock it looks good if you ignore the bones, but it smells delicious

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Currently making chicken stock as a precursor to making chicken soup this afternoon. My whole house smells delicious

Food photos 

Feeling a bit tired and run down. Lots of nice vegetables should help I reckon

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Hmm, anyone in Wellington looking for a queer friendly flat? Or looking for 1-2 flatmates? Legit AFAF.

The warden has decided that we will not be leaving the house today 🤣

I find it a really good sign how much Te Reo we're now getting in utterly mindless trash reality TV. Kind of a sign of how much just normal it's becoming.

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This should interest my fellow #kiwi's. It's the old #TVNZ closing "credits". I used to love this.

On boarding some new junior's at work.

I always enjoy the energy and enthusiasm new people bring.

Food pictures 

I'm feeling a bit cold and miserable.

Luckily I have a kg of blade steak and a big red pot

At this point it's pretty clear the monkey jpeg market is a failure.

Clearly the only solution is to move to a centrally planned solution to the production and distribution of monkey jpegs.

Crypto pyramid schemes 

I gather something has happened and a bunch of cryptocurrency is heading back to it's inherent value of 0.

It's really kinda sad watching people who have already lost a lot being scammed out of even more.

You can't talk to them because they're full on in the cult. I was hoping the crash would end this madness, but they seem to be doubling down.

Currently managing my anger at a overhead conversion between product managemers by writing passive aggressive post-it's on the wall

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- doesn’t understand fear or remorse
- zero respect for authority
- capable of growing up to 6x in size
- ability to regrow teeth
- scream that can stop a crowd in its tracks
- can learn new concepts or languages almost instantly

in short, do not fuck with babies

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