Food photos 

Feeling a bit tired and run down. Lots of nice vegetables should help I reckon

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Hmm, anyone in Wellington looking for a queer friendly flat? Or looking for 1-2 flatmates? Legit AFAF.

The warden has decided that we will not be leaving the house today 🀣

I find it a really good sign how much Te Reo we're now getting in utterly mindless trash reality TV. Kind of a sign of how much just normal it's becoming.

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This should interest my fellow #kiwi's. It's the old #TVNZ closing "credits". I used to love this.

On boarding some new junior's at work.

I always enjoy the energy and enthusiasm new people bring.

Food pictures 

I'm feeling a bit cold and miserable.

Luckily I have a kg of blade steak and a big red pot

At this point it's pretty clear the monkey jpeg market is a failure.

Clearly the only solution is to move to a centrally planned solution to the production and distribution of monkey jpegs.

Crypto pyramid schemes 

I gather something has happened and a bunch of cryptocurrency is heading back to it's inherent value of 0.

It's really kinda sad watching people who have already lost a lot being scammed out of even more.

You can't talk to them because they're full on in the cult. I was hoping the crash would end this madness, but they seem to be doubling down.

Currently managing my anger at a overhead conversion between product managemers by writing passive aggressive post-it's on the wall

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- doesn’t understand fear or remorse
- zero respect for authority
- capable of growing up to 6x in size
- ability to regrow teeth
- scream that can stop a crowd in its tracks
- can learn new concepts or languages almost instantly

in short, do not fuck with babies

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children are just tiny anarchists on acid and speed with no conception of risk and i think thats beautiful

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Spent 4 whole days in the office this week since we had people in from out of town.

Doing it again next week for the same reason.

Probably for a couple of weeks after that because we have local new starters.

Really nice seeing people in person again, but I'm going to be really ready to go back to my 2 in the office, rest from home hybrid.

There's that old quote about an itemised bill
* $10 for hitting the pipe
* $490 for knowing where to hit it

I realised that pretty much all I did today was draw pictures on whiteboards.

I guess they're really paying me to know what pictures to draw.

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The Matariki logo is available from It is tapu to use it with alcohol, gambling and fast food.


Wordle 320 6/6*


Feel like I was meta gaming a bit by the last guess but just sneaked in there.

I'm currently rereading Murderbot again.

I'm not sure what it says about me that I relate so hard to a bot/human hybrid that struggles to understand human emotions and hates to be looked at or talk about feelings.

But it's just such a relatable character

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